5G - Neutralisierung mit dem e-chip 

5G, also known as „Fifth Generation“, is the latest generation of mobile communications. It no longer operates at 2.5 GHZ, but now at 100 GHZ, i.e. it is 40 times faster than before. In addition, the radio power was significantly increased. The new technology presents a person‘s cell information with many new challenges. The potential of stray fields, which can negatively influence the scalar information, is 50 to 100 times higher than with previous mobile radio networks. The 5G-Mobile Converter vitalises the negative frequencies of 5G mobile networks. The converter has a higher mineral and magnetite density and requires several times longer programming time. At the same time, the 5G-Mobile Converter can be used for „normal“ E-smog vitalisation.

Electro-smog - what is it?

Electronic smog emerges as a field emission from an electromagnetic wave. It is something that always occurs when electricity is technically generated in any form, transported or used. It is an unnatural process and can interfere with our body‘s cells. This

means that when electricity is produced by artificial means (generators), transported bundled over distances (cables of all kinds,

radio waves as well as batteries) and then is used in a consumer electronic device (all devices use electricity, from mobile phones,

electric toothbrushes, lights in the car etc.) these scattered fields, known as electronic smog, are the result. Harmful to the biology of the body, the resulting disruptive influences can be measured medically.

Any 5G mobile device that effects your body for long periods on a daily basis should be vitalised! The 5G-Mobile Converter is activated by an electromagnetic wave, i.e. an electronic device.



Simply attach the 5G-Mobile Converter into your mobile phone (smartphone),

digital radios (DAB+) and other 5G devices and let it work. Remove the foil from the back of the 5G-Mobile Converter and insert the converter onto the selected 5G mobile device.